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Academic, Historic & research Sites

TWS is always interested in hearing from people with a need for a site for academic, historical or survey-based activities or other related fields such as science, engineering and technical disciplines.
TWS offer a sympathetic service for people who work in any of the above related fields and have a requirement for the presentation of their work and findings on the internet than what can be provided by a blog. For example, to interrogate a website the history of each railway company from 1700-1900 and in a structured and formatted way that the customer can then either continue with their research and present their findings by an interested public via the Internet.

With some experience TWS believe in many of these areas that the ongoing investigation of almost every character can utilize accelerated and well , while it is used instead of winding up in a dusty thesis that time is made every 5 years.

The possibilities for this type of development is endless, but finding a web design company that can appreciate your tendencies and sensibilities of your research is not as readily available.

TWS offer two levels of service which are both tailored to the needs of the customer, the basic service based on a standard template and a tailor -made website designed from the ground up for your needs.

For example, Roman Britannia is a side project of TWS to detail all Roman finds throughout Great Britain. This is an example of the budget place so you constantly adding new items in a scalable manner with simple customized hearing functions.

Although this is a historical example you could explore solar / wind opportunities in the UK, a complete encyclopedia of the British Secretary of Government 1900 - date or social trends anthropomorphic tour and increase antagonized transit vehicles flow through agglomerations.

Whatever your question in your data, findings and research can be blamed on a targeted site that may help you both will approach to research and make it available to colleagues and the world at large.

The service is available to everyone , including scientists, researchers and hobbyists.

To discuss the development of a customized website for your research support please call +31 (0) 20 894 6156.

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